Learn if rubber might be your best solution for components in critical applications.

Minneapolis, Minn.—Robinson Rubber Products, a designer, developer and manufacturer of custom-molded rubber products, extruded rubber products and precision rollers, has a new prototyping service. This service provides a quick, economical way to test designs and ideas in actual working environments—before investing in production molds and tooling.

Prototypes can be completed in 5 to 25 working days depending on part complexity. This unique service is designed to assist customers with product development and selection of appropriate polymers, materials and rubber formulation. Prototyping allows for easy, quick and inexpensive modification of molds and tooling to ensure rubber component design is optimized and production ready.

Using up to 20 engineering grade polymers and more than 1,500 unique formulations, Robinson Rubber works with you to deliver the best rubber solution possible. Let us develop a proprietary custom formula for you using our in-house compound formulation and mixing capabilities.

If you are an engineer struggling with trying to come up with components that will perform multiple functions in challenging conditions, check out rubber’s capability to bond to a variety of substrates, eliminate parts and lower assembly costs. A Polymer and Material Selection Guide is also available.

To learn more, email sales@robinsonrubber.com, visit www.robinsonrubber.com, or call toll free 1-877-619-5825 or 763-535-6737 for more information.