Our History

Embark on a journey through the rich history of Robinson Rubber Products Company. Established in 1938, our story is woven with innovation, resilience, and a commitment to excellence in rubber manufacturing. Explore the milestones that have shaped our identity, from our humble beginnings recapping tires during times of war, to becoming an industry leader in rubber product manufacturing.


Robinson Rubber: A Legacy of Excellence & Innovation Since 1938

Years Of Experience

80+ years of global rubber and plastics design and manufacturing experience

Since 1938

Standing the test of time, Robinson Rubber Products has grown through innovation and continuous improvement of products and processes

Employment Opportunities

We employ over 125 respectable and skilled individuals each year

Robinson Rubber Products Co.

Our Company History

Armed with courage and a dream, Ralph Robinson set out to create Robinson Rubber Products Company. In 1938, he didn’t know what kind of company Robinson was going to be, but he knew exactly what it shouldn’t be—an environment people had to conform to rather than be who they authentically are. Now over 80 years in, we’ve grown into a global company with customers all over the world, but those early ambitions hold true. Here’s our story:

Changes on the horizon

Pete Wolf, who joined Robinson in 2016 as Engineering Manager, and later became Co-President acquired the company, and adjacent building. This new building expansion resulted in a total footprint of 85,000 square feet.


In a decisive vote, employees opted to disband the union, signaling a change in workplace dynamics and a positive culture shift for Robinson Rubber.

A Shift In Leadership

As Technical Director and General Manager, Jay Beck, whose proficiency in rubber chemistry played a pivotal role in the technical and engineering advancements, acquired the company and initiated the Global Resources Initiative.

Technological Modernization

Embracing the digital age, 1990 was a significant year for Robinson Rubber Products as the company underwent major technological upgrades. This modernization operations and opened new avenues for product innovation and market expansion.

New Hope Expansion

Moved to new corporate headquarters in New Hope, Minnesota, and later broke ground on a 28,000-square-foot expansion. This is still the home of Robinson Rubber Products Company today.

The Next Generation of Robinson

Brad Robinson, Ralph’s oldest son and pressroom foreman prepares to take over the operation of the business at 16 years of age. It was the beginning of a long period of transition in which Ralph Robinson relinquished control of the company to his son.

Relocation to the king foundry

Relocated to The King Foundry, an 18,000 square-foot commercial location in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Featured in Industrial Supply Expediter magazine as the “Rubber King of Minnesota” with eight additions occurring over the next 20 years.

Transforming Robinson Rubber

New automobile tires were in generous supply, tire recapping dwindled, and chemical engineers had been developing synthetic rubber materials. With these issues in mind, Ralph began to manufacture molded rubber products, and launched Robinson Rubber Products Company.

Founding of Robinson Rubber Products Company

Ralph Robinson started Robinson Rubber Auto Supply Company to recap tires. World War II threatened the supply of rubber on which the United States depended, and Ralph sensed supply would be diverted to the military, and tire recapping would become a valuable service.