Industry knowledge and market expertise is our key to success. We have customers in just about every field, but our knowledge and focus lies in those industries listed below. Our materials, processes and expertise have been specifically developed to help our customers in those areas so that we can provide critical support in product design, material development, and testing. Of course, you are an expert in your own field—we can’t expect you to be an expert in ours, too.


Custom Rubber Parts That Meet Your Needs | Robinson Rubber

Delivering optimal seals for various aviation applications, from light aircraft to commercial airliners, helicopters, and spacecraft. Our proven performance extends across diverse systems, including flight controls, actuation, landing gear, wheels, brakes, fuel controls, engines, interiors, and aircraft airframes.

Aerospace & Defense

In the challenging environment of agriculture machinery, robust sealing solutions are vital for optimal performance. These high-performance seals endure harsh conditions, including pressure, temperature fluctuations, and effectively resist dirt, moisture, and corrosive substances, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Picture of a high performance vehicle representing the automotive industry.

Count on us for crucial requirements for effective sealing, vibration dampening, dimensional stability, and wear resistance. Whether you need high-performance rubber or metal bonding to rubber, we guarantee the delivery of top-notch components vital for the efficient and smooth operation of your system.


Construction, forestry, and mining vehicles demand robust sealing solutions for high-pressure, harsh conditions. Our extensive range of sealing and bearing systems ensures durability and performance tailored to your needs.

Construction & Mining

Robinson Rubber is a crucial provider of polymer technologies for the semiconductor industry, bringing decades of engineering expertise and cutting-edge knowledge to design high-precision, customized sealing solutions for critical semiconductor applications.


Custom seals are crucial in specialty applications to sustain the efficiency of the global supply chain and utilities. Original equipment manufacturers produce components for these vital applications, enabling the innovation of products that efficiently transport liquids, gases, electricity, telecommunications, and more globally.

Energy & Utilities

Sealing solutions in water, food, and beverage processing face diverse challenges, requiring compliance with standards and compatibility with various ingredients.  Committed to solving the toughest sealing problems, we leverage extensive material science, design, and manufacturing experience to deliver optimal solutions.

Food & Beverage

Provides a comprehensive range of both standard and custom products tailored to meet the specific requirements of industrial equipment. These machines play a vital role in various working environments, working tirelessly to deliver goods with a focus on productivity and safety.

Industrial Equipment

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and materials, we focus on enhancing durability and performance for onshore, offshore, ship-to-ship, or ship-to-shore transfers. Our comprehensive approach ensures tailored solutions that meet the specific demands of the maritime environment.


Collaborate with customers to create, develop, manufacture, and introduce innovative engineered solutions tailored to meet the demands of medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications.

Medical Devices

Comprehensive knowledge in alternative transportation industries, including rail and mass transit and understanding of end-market applications. Additionally, the market necessitates expertise in component design and materials to ensure reliable performance in demanding applications without failures.


Advancing true sustainability by providing specialized seals and materials for the entire hydrogen value chain, self-lubricating bearings for hydropower applications, and a diverse range of sealing solutions to optimize wind turbine performance.

Renewable Energy