Custom Rubber Extruding

Our extensive rubber extruding capabilities encompass a wide array of applications, from tubing and seals to bumpers and beyond. Whether you require prototype extrusions or high-volume production, Robinson Rubber Products delivers precision-engineered solutions tailored to your specifications.


Custom Rubber Extruding | Robinson Rubber Products Co.


Our rubber extrusion offerings are designed to meet your unique project specifications. We will work with you to determine your needs to create the optimal design, select the best formulation, and meet your production requirements. Learn more below:

Versatile Shapes and Lengths

Robinson Rubber Products specializes in supplying custom extruded profiles in a variety of shapes and lengths. Our expert team ensures that your specific requirements are met with precision, providing versatility in design and functionality.

Tailored Rubber Compounds:

Elevate your projects with custom extruded profiles featuring rubber compounds specifically designed to meet your requirements. With in-house formulation and mixing capabilities, we create rubber compounds that guarantee quality and optimum performance.

Prototypes to High-Volume Production:

Whether you need a small batch of prototype extrusions for testing or high-volume production for widespread application, Robinson Rubber Products has the capacity and expertise to fulfill your demands.

Peristaltic pump tubing

The extrusion process at Robinson Rubber Products is a seamless and precise operation. Through the use of a temperature-controlled auger screw, uncured rubber is heated and sheared, creating a softened rubber that is then pressurized and forced through an extrusion die. This process results in a continuous strip of the desired profile, ready for further post-extrusion curing. Our profiling extrusion dies are meticulously designed to shape the rubber according to your specifications.

An image showing some of Robinson Rubber's extruded parts

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Quality and Performance Assurance

Robinson Rubber Products is committed to delivering extruded rubber products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our rigorous testing protocols ensure reliability in every product.


Technical Expertise

Benefit from our technical expertise in the extrusion process and polymer formulations. Our team is dedicated to providing insights and recommendations that elevate the efficiency of your projects.


Collaborative Approach

Robinson Rubber Products takes a collaborative approach to understand your unique project requirements. Partner with us for customized extruded rubber solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of your components.

Extruding Needs?

Robinson Rubber Products stands as a rubber extruding partner committed to delivering unparalleled quality and precision. Our dedication to innovation, combined with our deep industry expertise, ensures that your projects not only meet but exceed expectations.

Connect with us, to bring your projects to life. At Robinson Rubber, your success is our success, and we look forward to building lasting partnerships that drive innovation and excellence in every endeavor.